Huckabee ~ McCain partnership

creepyelite50.jpgIt’s been noticed, recently, that McCain and Huckabee only have nice things to say about each other. Now this, from Rich Lowry on The Corner: 


Thompson campaign manager’s statement on Michigan:

..Mike Huckabee’s campaign to be John McCain’s Vice President has hit a snag. He has gone from the mid-thirties in Iowa to 11% in New Hampshire and now about 15% in Michigan.
On higher taxes and looser immigration, Huckabee has been done his best these past few weeks to mimic McCain.  But this is nothing new.  In fact, while John McCain was leading the Senate charge to grant amnesty for illegal immigrants, Mike Huckabee was one of the loudest cheerleaders.  And at the same time McCain was voting against the Bush tax cuts, Huckabee was in Arkansas increasing taxes some 21 times.
As for Mitt Romney, he has been all over the map on virtually every issue important to conservative voters…


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