Washington Supreme Court Lineup 2008

burrage-1-cap.jpgJohn Groen of Bellevue is going to challenge Chief Justice Gerry Alexander. The pair ran against each other in 2006. John Groen will be our pick because he has proven himself to understand the Constitution as written.

Justice Susan Owen will be facing three challengers from her last race in 2006 and a new challenger.

Steve Johnson will be running again in this race and Michael Johnson will once again run against Steve Johnson to confuse the voters, even though it is a felony to do so. If Steve Johnson was a liberal, maybe the law would be enforced. But Michael claims he is concerned about Steve Johnson’s PAC funding. Once again, it doesn’t matter that Susan Owen is heavily PAC funded, Steve is from the wrong side of the tracks.

Norman Ericson is entering this race against Owen for a repeat of 2006. Richard Smith is the new guy in this race, expanding the challenge from four contestants in 2006 to five in 2008. Ericson and Smith also say they are concerned about the PAC funding for Steve Johnson. Maybe Smith ought to turn down the heavy PAC support he expects to get from the Washington Environmental Council and the global warming groupies. Our pick is Steve Johnson – not always solid but is a fairly strong conservative.

Last, but not least by any scope of the imagination is former legislator and Superior Court Judge Jeanette Burrage, who is running against Tom Chambers. Once again, a repeat of 2006. She is our pick – no matter how badly the news media tries to vilify her, she keeps marching forward. You’ve got to respect that, even if you don’t like her strong conservative views.

One thing is for sure, the Supreme Court lineup is going to save the Secretary of State a ton of money – the typeset for the ballot is practically the same as the last election.


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