If you are having an affair – Don’t drink at staff parties!

colleen-cuts-the-cake-w_caption.jpgFederal Way Judge Colleen Hartl was having an affair with an attorney who appeared regularly before her court. Nobody knew about this until she got drunk at a staff party and began bragging about it. Her supervising judge learned of it about noon the next day and asked her to take the rest of the day off. The following day she resigned. 

She served as a Federal Way judge for seven months and was earning a salary of $127,000 per year when she carelessly undermined her position. The carelessness was not in conversation but in her life; that she was a married woman and compromised her vows; that she compromised her position as judge; and then finally compromising her speech. She is a woman who has no foundation and cannot possibly understand the law.

Not innocent, is Sean Cecil, public defender. He compromised the courts in his favor using immoral means. Can he understand the law, or does he view his job as getting low-lifes off the hook any way possible?


2 thoughts on “If you are having an affair – Don’t drink at staff parties!

  1. Mr. Eckhouse,
    This is an issue of honesty, corruption and extreme apathy.

    We require judges to take oaths to be faithful to the laws they are supposed to be enforcing because that is the crucial, first requirement. Judges have the power to overrule other branches of government, so if they don’t faithfully follow the law, if they rule by their own political philosophy, if they make it up as they go along, we no longer have representative government; we no longer have the rule of law at all. We have a tyranny of judges.
    When we discover that a judge is unfaithful in vows to the most important people in his personal life, we can no longer trust him to be faithful to the vow he took to the people to uphold the law. That is the honesty issue. It disqualifies judges. You cannot trust their vows.

    The system further relies on impartiality. If a judge has a personal relationship with a party to either side of a case before them, he must recuse himself from the case. This judge carried on an INTIMATE relationship with a defense attorney that appeared CONTINUALLY before her court and KEPT IT SECRET. That’s the corruption.

    You probably wanted to express disinterest in the issue of Judge Hartl’s sexual infidelity. You think that a person’s sexual behavior is “individual” choice and letting people do whatever they want in their sex lives is a higher moral principle, correct me if I’m wrong.
    If I am right, you are a sexual anarchist and your position is indefensible, despite what they told you in school. Sexual anarchy is, in essence, a war on children, the most vulnerable among us. The children of adulterous unions are scarred for life, assuming that they survive. There is no way to fully repair the damage of such an infidelity. But, worse, such children are frequent targets of the right to kill them which was invented by Harry Blackmun and his co-conspirators in 1973. More than 3,500 children are so murdered in America every day. Even now, their blood cries out for justice.

    But even if sexual anarchy were a good thing, even if your assumptions were true, the issues of honesty and corruption don’t go away. They are, as a matter of fact, issues of first-order significance because they go to the heart of whether or not we have justice at all.

    Your self-described apathy is your civil right. You are not required to care about the justice upon which our freedom depends. But you should, above all, never vote in an American election. If you are registered to vote, you can obtain a retraction of registration from your County Elections department. If you are not yet registered to vote, you have a solution that matches your proclivities: don’t do anything. You can, by simple exercise of your natural apathy, remain uninvolved in the democratic process. That is the best course.
    Because it is Russian roulette voting by people who (apparently like you) are stridently unconcerned with the fundamental issues under girding all our freedoms, that is destroying our country.

    Those people, the apathetic extremists, are, by their totally incompetent voting, leading us to despotism, dismantling America with their own hands.

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