A Message from Reagan Republican and candidate Tim Sutinen

tim-sutinen-08.jpgFrom Tim Sutinen: 

2008 is here!  New year, new elections, new challenges. 

Let’s make it a great year by fighting for lower taxes, defending free enterprise & protecting human life and our property rights.  

Let’s become serious about reducing the size of Washington State government, and make sure that our resources get allocated to Americans, not illegal aliens.  Let’s win this great country back!

Wishing You a Happy & Prosperous 2008, and please come visit www.TimSutinen.com.



Tim will be running for Washington State Representative from the 19th District. This is a chance to support a real, longtime conservative patriot, who was an immigrant himself and loves America.

Your contribution would help him get his message to the voters.  Tim projects it will take a total of $100,000 to win his race.  We encourage you to help Tim out as you have the ability.

A previous article by Tim on The Reagan Wing: The Mark of a Reagan Winger


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