The European Union is an Evil Empire


…if you are interested in the continued existence of the United States of America, these 3 would seem to be the only viable options to you. Continue reading


The Dumping On of America

From Ron Ewart:

Over the last several years we have written close to 200,000 words on the subjects of freedom, liberty, property rights and related issues.  But sometimes a picture can sum it all up, as the following graphic does.  Most of you will get it, but we doubt seriously if government politicians and bureaucrats will ever get it, unless we “esplain” it to them.  “Esplaining” it to them is long over due.


Ron Ewart is President of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RURAL LANDOWNERS. (Ewart is pronounced to rhyme with “Stewart”)

Seattle AIDS epidemic

group-thing-50.jpgFrom Bob Clark:

Seattle is having an AIDs epidemic and you won’t read about it in the Times.

37 cases reported November 2007, only 18 cases in November 2006. 

YEAR TO DATE TOTALS 343 through this November compared to 241 through November last year.   

That’s a disastrous increase in more than 100 new cases of AIDS.  Note that these are only the AIDS cases that were not previously reported as HIV!   The actual number of total cases of the disease is not being made public.  

Read all about it:


Pro-Abort assaults Pro-Lifer, seven broken bones, crainial bleeding, POLICE DO NOTHING

hillcrest-womens-clinic-75.gifHillcrest Abortion Center:  

He got what he deserved!  He earned what he got!

From Michael Whitcraft:

 At 6:30 am on Saturday, December 22, while most were snug in bed, resting up for Christmas activities, veteran pro-lifer Ed Snell was arriving at Hillcrest Abortion Center, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  He had come with two other activists to persuade women entering the clinic not to abort their pre-born children. The group customarily meets at the clinic and has saved many lives.  In fact, they have been so effective, that the clinic erected a 7-foot privacy fence to cut off all communication between the women and the pro-lifers.  Continue reading

Ron Paul and “blaming America”

martial-law.jpg…it is important to note the source of lying propaganda when it surfaces.

 Although I have yet to find an issue of dispute with Dr. Ron Paul on the Consitution, I’ve been working on understanding his foreign policy for a few weeks and I think I disagree. But it is a process not made easier by the fabrications of unscrupulous GOP propagandists. Continue reading

Why wait for the Supreme Court? Ron Paul’s assault on Roe v Wade

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, an OB/GYN who has delivered over 4,000 babies, issued the following statement in support of state efforts to pass “Right to Life” amendments:
“The right of an innocent, unborn child to life is at the heart of the American ideals of liberty. My professional and legislative record demonstrates my strong commitment to this pro-life principle. Continue reading