Tancredo Sets the Standard

While conservatives continue to find the first tier candidates unacceptable on a range of issues, and continue to experience the let downs from the MSM’s chosen alternatives: Thompson and Huckabee, there’s a candidate that still sets the standard.  Though top blogger Michelle Malkin hasn’t endorsed a presidential candidate, and her partner at Hot Air Bryan Preston is likely a “Fred Head”, it’s obvious they both see a standard bearer in Tancredo on the issue of illegal immigration and possibly beyond. 

Here’s Preston’s submitted question for the upcoming CNN/You Tube debate


Police Attack Pro-lifers In Shocking Display of Unprovoked Abuse

Rancho Cucamonga, CA /Operation Rescue/— Three members of the Survivors were arrested on Tuesday, November 13, 2007, on Chaffey College campus in Rancho Cucamonga, California, in one of the most egregious displays of police misconduct that we have heard about in years.

The three young men, Joey Cox, and brothers James and Jason Conrad, were on campus to obtain permits for a pro-life outreach at the college. They had learned through many experiences to record their dealings for their protection. At Chaffey, the young men had both video and audio recorders running. Continue reading

How the Failures of Welfare Reform Created Our Lawless Courts (Part Two)

steve-johnson-colorado-rino-idiot.jpgIn Part One of this series, we reviewed how the US Congress functionally transformed our welfare state into a child support state. Arguably the most despicable of the backlash effects of this enormous error are mechanisms that pay the states to promote, protect, and reward paternity fraud. Paternity Fraud is wrongly naming a man as the biological father of a child, and then forcing him to pay child support 

When those unfamiliar with this issue first hear of the problem, the typical response is: “a DNA test will solve that.” Guess again.   Continue reading

“The Pale Rider”

pale-rider-caption.jpgThe following is from Ron Ewart, President of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) www.narlo.org:

There have been several movies of late, based on the theme of peace-loving citizens being terrorized by the infamous land baron.  No matter how hard the peace-loving citizens prayed or acted peacefully, the land baron kept terrorizing them with violence and mayhem.  One such movie was “The Pale Rider” and another, “The Avenging Angel”.  Some of you are old enough to remember Alan Ladd and Van Heflin in the classic Western, “Shane”.  Of course, like so many stories, they are the ubiquitous tales of good and evil.  Continue reading

The Truth about MRSA (Without the Media Panic)

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Nurse William

(Relax. This will only hurt for a few seconds.)

0denverchildsbattlemrsa.jpgOkay, my friends. For the last week or so, the media have gotten Americans all worked up into a froth about this “deadly new bacteria” called MRSA. My ER is now inundated with frantic phone calls from people who have no idea what they are looking at, or what the disease really is. Continue reading