Dear Abby thinks same-sex marriage is OK

gaywed1.jpgPrior to October 9th, Dear Abby was known for straightening out troubled individuals by providing generally wise insight and suggestions.  She just fell off the wagon and down the bottomless bellybutton of Socratic narcissism. 

Abby now endorses “same marriage” — suggesting it is as normal as milk and cookies — because a few scientists pushing feminist agenda issued a meaningless report suggesting that genetics causes homosexuality. She pretends that what people “do in the privacy of their bedrooms” warrants taking over the public institution of marriage, because it is homophobic or judgemental to not do so [video].

We have long known that social behaviors have genetic drivers.   Genetic imprints drive many human behaviors – often destructive – such as fighting, killing, stealing, selfishness, having multiple sexual partners, and homosexuality. 

It is law, peer pressure, morals, and religion that created civilization from animistic chaos.  We have choices, we have consequences, and we can learn from history.  It is only in this decision-framework that human intelligence helps us rise above a state of Baal. 

Neanderthal narcissists, now including Abby, pretend that DNA-based behaviors should be considered equal and immutable.  Anything the heart wants is now acceptable, even if it kills people, leads to child sexual abuse, destroys America, or establishes tragic vast socioeconomic inequalities between men and women.

Bad move Abby – your street cred is irrevocably in the red. 

Feminists have been wanting “same sex marriage rights” for years, and they have gone to the mat to get it.  Feminists want the right for any two women (regardless of sexual orientation) to marry each other, have children with various men, and take over the institution of family – leaving multiple men with nothing more than child support orders.  This is precisely why feminist litigation does not stop at letting lesbians and gays marry – as proven in the Massachusetts Goodridge case – wherein the state Supreme Court ordered the state to marry any two human beings who sashay in the door. 

These issues are described in greater detail in my articles “Why Gay Marriage Is Unconstitutional” and “Gay Marriage and Civil Unions Are Unconstitutional”.

Gender politics and constitutional issues aside, Abby is no longer in a position to give advice about anything.  Most of the problems people get themselves into are driven by ancient genetic imprints.  By Abby’s logic, anything anyone does is now perfectly acceptable.  Cultural pressure, laws, and morals damned — “you genes made you do it”, claims Abby. 

Any publisher with a family publication should be looking for a sane advice columnist to replace her.  And I would consider not purchasing any newspaper publishing her fatally-wounded views on family and marriage.


David R. Usher is Senior Policy Analyst for the True Equality Network



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