40 Days for Life

cliff100.jpgIn the ninth century B.C. the prophet Elijah, convinced that his people had abandoned the foundation principles of civilization, had forsaken belief in God and morality, and had eliminated all the voices of reason; and being, himself, pursued by king’s soldiers, whose objective was his death, he journeyed for 40 Days into a mountain wilderness seeking the face of God.

He was fasting.


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Gay Marriage and Civil Unions Are Unconstitutional

gaywed1.jpgEvidence now proves that organized feminism has left more women and children in helplessness and poverty, living in dangerous straits, than any war in American history.”

Shortly after the Massachusetts Supreme Court forced same-sex marriage on folks living Down East, I realized why defenders of marriage lost the case: they litigated morals and tradition in front of a secular court looking for an equal rights argument.

I quickly realized a principle that could have won the Goodridge case, and prevented subsequent losses in other states. The principle was first published in my February 2004 article “Why Gay Marriage Is Unconstitutional”.

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Crowley Artifacts

Sunday I crawled into the Archives, braving the dark and ancient archival hazards, scattering the dust.

And I emerged from that cavernous mystery (where some say the Ark of the Covenant is still hidden) with the prize I had sought: the MacGuffin of my last article, the Crowley Artifacts. In the wee hours of Monday morning I scanned two crucial documents whose antique pre-MSDOS characters were, first, stamped, letter-by-letter by engraved hammers striking through cloth covered with ink, and, later, transferred, by offset lithography, to the kind of flat, fibrous medium they used to manufacture from fallen trees. It was a 40 year old newspaper of the American New Left Communist Underground, and it contained the work of Walt (not Aleister) Crowley, co-founder of HistoryLink.org.

Reproduced for your edification, here, are the letter published in October, 1967, to which I referred in my Crowley obituary, and Crowley-original art taken directly from the cover of the following month’s issue of the Helix. I don’t know where else you can see these things but here, on www.theReaganWing.com. Continue reading

Walt Crowley: “Journalist,” “Historian,” Democrat, Communist, dead at 60

I only knew Walt Crowley “from across the yard,” as it were, in school and, later, politics, not personally, but I knew him for a very long time and enough to know things you will not, generally, read about him.  

As has been the case with the passing of Norm Maleng and Jennifer Dunn, talking heads (including John Carlson) are lining up to say nice things about Crowley, his service to the community, etc., and it is indicative of the state of the State of Washington that this particular trail of mini-celebrities is now, in death, “beloved” by other celebrities.  Most celebrities, I find, are nice people… at least in public… where we can watch them. But they become virtual saints when they pass on.

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Amnesty update from NFRA: They think you’ve gone back to sleep.

sams-amnesty-allies.jpg(Cantwell, Clinton, Murray and Brownback all leaning the same direction.)

These Senators Still Waffling on Vote on DREAM Amnesty

(September 20) The Senate will resume consideration of H.R. 1585, the Defense Department authorization bill for fiscal year 2008. At some point during the debate, open-borders senators will attempt to attach three proposals that, when taken together, would grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and dramatically increase the importation of foreign workers at a time 10 million Americans are looking for jobs and can’t find employment. Continue reading