“How Russia Won The Cold War, Pt. I: Russians Liberated Americans Oppressed”

They do not allow left wing journalists to distort the news and hide issues in favor of the left wing “cause” the way western left wing journalists consistently do.”

This is from Helsinki by Jim Peterson of Veterans Abroad:

On a recent trip back to the United States from Eastern Europe, I noticed that some of my conservative American friends were echoing the western left wing media’s attitude abouit Vladimir Putin.


My first thought was “how can a conservative believe anything they read in an American or British newspaper these days?

If the liberal journalists are pulling their hair out about Putin, then why wouldn’t an American or British conservative take notice of that and at least try to take what the leftist journalists say with a grain of salt”? 

Let’s look at the facts: Russia is getting richer and richer because it allows itself to drill for oil on its own territory. While complaining about Russia’s new desire to drill for oil at the North Pole, Americans can’t even agree on drilling for oil in Alaska.

Russia is very conservative now. They do not allow left wing journalists to distort the news and hide issues in favor of the left wing “cause” the way western left wing journalists consistently do. Putin’s Russia does not put up with the likes of dishonest and corrupt liberals like Michael Moore or Hillary Clinton. Are we supposed to cry a river about that? 

Russia now urges its women to “have more babies”. Is there anything wrong with that? Why can’t a US President say that? At least the female German chancellor has echoed Putin in asking German women to have more babies. But Germany isn’t as feminist as the USA now is.  

Still not convinced?  Well then, how likely is it that Russian men attending college will be falsely accused of rape and have to face a deranged pro-feminist male district attorney who will hide evidence that exonerates them because he wants to get the feminist vote in a place like North Carolina where (one would assume) the feminists are not much of a constituency?

In Russia, do you think men lose a majority of their wealth in kangaroo courts if they get divorced? Does Russia have a law like the new American IMBRA law, that seeks to “protect foreign women” by making it illegal for a native of their country to say hello online to a woman from another country without first having sex offender checks? Yes, the IMBRA law really exists and it has been upheld in a federal district court room by the anti-male liberal Judge Clarence Cooper of Atlanta, Georgia who is Hillary’s first choice to nominate to the Supreme Court.

In the USA, Marxist feminism is now the law of the land.

American conservatives haven’t even noticed this law or else they applaud such laws because they want to see heterosexuals regulated in their social lives.Where Russia maintains a proud patriarchy with a modern post-feminist culture, in the US, we’ve allowed the misandrist type of feminists to gain control of both the Democrat and Republican parties, for instance via institutions such as the Orwellian-named “Bipartisan Women’s Caucus” that wants to regulate male behavior. American male judges smash the patriarchy every day. Russia will not allow this to happen. Meanwhile Karl Rove, Richard Scaife, Rupert Murdoch and what was once my Republican Party are so proud of themselves now for “reaching out to women”…apparently women who don’t even vote Republican. Didn’t the “big boys,” who control the American conservative media, learn anything from Election 2006?

American conservatives love to talk about how we “won the Cold War”. I include myself among such people because I served in Berlin in US Army Intelligence in 1987 and I would like to think I helped change history. Russians thank me for standing against communism and, despite Putin’s recent hyperbolic remarks about the Vietnam War being worse than the Stalinist repressions, ordinary Russians honor US servicemen and vets for being allies in the war against Islamofascist terrorists.

But the fact is: we Americans voted for Bill Clinton and a special brand of Marxism, especially Marxist Feminism, immediately after we supposedly “won the Cold War”. We then passed a slew of laws that were based on theories heretofore only mentioned by eccentric professors at Wellesley and Smith Colleges.

Russia went in the other direction and maybe Russia is now the only power that can help save us – like we did them.


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