Is the RNC serious this time?


…having expressed their opposition to illegal immigration, would then cut off all possibility of a conservative candidacy and throw their unqualified support to a pro-illegal immigration candidate…”

Wait’til you read what the Republican National Committee just passed.

astley-rising.jpgAs the house of Open Borders (¡FRONTERAS ABIERTAS!) seems to crumble, nationwide, following the collapse of the Comprehsive Amnesty bill in the Senate; as illegals are pulling up stakes in Georgia (which cut off their welfare) to head back to Mexico and as other States and localities are looking at similar legislation;  as the Bush administration seems (seven years too late) to be getting serious about enforcing immigration law instead of undermining it; as big, labor-intensive industries are sending ultimatums to HR companies to get them a legal work force or else; as the world must seem to be falling down around their ears to the Republican National HispAmnesty Assembly, the RNC peasants have finally overturned the tables on their elitist masters and passed a measure to get serious about the Southern Border.

I like it.

But I can’t avoid remembering the recent past.

I remember attending a Washington State Republican State Executive Board meeting in, I think, late 2005 under Chris Vance. Although the date escapes me (I’ll have to look it up) the meeting itself is memorable for its irony

First, the Board was asked to endorse a State “Immigration Resolution” they were told duplicated a then-recently adopted Republican National Committee (RNC) resolution. It actually looked good(!) but, as conservatives discoverd later, contained the newest linguistically-engineered loophole, the “guest worker” permit (covert amnesty).  It passed overwhelmingly, the left having been tipped off and us-types having simply taken the thing at face value.

Next, the Board debated a motion supporting the early endorsement of  ¡Mike! McGavick for US Senate. (The purpose of an early endorsement is for a small group of the GOP elite to choose a candidate before the grassroots has a say in the matter and, thereby, prevent effective primary opposition.) Mr. McGavick’s credentials (but not his principles) were reviewed and he was presented as a candidate that could win and the only candidate that could win.

During discussion Gene Astley of Benton County (a board director of “Bank Reale,” the Pasco Bank with the Latin flavor) gave an entirely fictional account of a conversation he claimed to have had with McGavick’s primary opponent, Brad Klippert. The story made Brad look ridiculous and his campaign Quixotic. Astley will have to answer to a Higher Authority for it.

Several Exec. Board members expressed that their constituents (the grassroots) strongly did NOT want an early endorsement and, a few moments later, voted for it (without a secret ballot), thus demonstrating that in the Washington State GOP Executive Board, the will of the GOP/Left elite is an unstoppable force against which the grassroots are not yet any kind of immovable object.

Mike would, of course, then ride their endorsement: through his approval of the McCain/Kennedy/Bush/Medved/McKenna/Sytman/Fredi Simpson/Michael Young/Lori Sotelo  Amnesty bill, through approval of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg confirmation, through diavowal of the Iraq War and (demonstrated) disavowal of loyalty to the Republican Party to acomplish a bases-loaded landslide strikeout loss to Maria “call me Sir, dammit” Cantwell.

The irony was that the Exec. Board, having expressed their opposition to illegal immigration, would then cut off all possibility of a conservative candidacy and throw their unqualified support to a pro-illegal immigration candidate who opposed virtually every significant principle of the grassroots they were supposed to be representing on the sole basis that he was a “winner.” Nothing is what it seems.

So while the RNC resolution you are about to read is great news and very encouraging, please don’t think that the war is over. The opposition is probably just taking a little siesta. . . or migrating. . . to the Giuliani campaign.



WHEREAS, it is reliably estimated that at least twelve million citizens of other countries have entered and currently remain in the United States illegally;

WHEREAS, it is reliably estimated that between two and three million illegal crossings of the borders of the United States continue to occur each year;

WHEREAS, the ability of millions of unidentified persons to illegally enter and remain in the United States presents a grave risk to the sovereignty of the United States and security of the American people;

WHEREAS, Congress has already authorized the construction of 854 miles of border fencing and appropriated one billion dollars to construct it and it is reliably reported that at least 700 miles of fence needs to be constructed; and,

WHEREAS, over the past seven years President Bush has proposed increasing the funding for border security three-fold to nearly $12 billion for 2008, doubling the size of the border patrol to more than 18,000 officers, increasing the use of technology through more than 6,000 new ground sensors and nearly 800 new cameras and authorizing improved roads, barriers, and fencing to further secure our borders; therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Members of the Republican National Committee urge that the Congress of the United States, as a matter of highest priority, take all necessary steps to provide appropriate authority and means to accomplish the following:

(1) Complete the construction of the border fencing that has been authorized as expeditiously as is reasonably possible; and

(2) Effectively secure the borders of the United States to illegal entry by every appropriate additional means, fully equipping and empowering the Border Patrol and using our National Guard and the U.S. military if necessary.

Adopted by the Republican National Committee, August 3, 2007


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