“And You Think The Indians Lost to the White Man”

indian-rock4.jpg“What has been going on in the Federal courts for the last 40 years on Indian issues, totally eclipses the humiliating defeat of Custer’s Last Stand at the Little Big Horn.  “ 

The following is from Ron Ewart:

With gaming casinos popping up everywhere, the Boldt decision (1974) and other court decisions on Salmon preservation and so-called treaty rights, Americans are being taken to the proverbial cleaners.  Fleeced, as it were.  The Indians are getting even, big time and it’s costing all of us billions of dollars.  Ever since the Puyallup Indians of Western Washington (all 1,200 of them) won a massive $160,000,000+ settlement from the Federal government several years ago (our tax dollars), after clouding the title to thousands of acres in Pierce County, Washington, Indian tribes across the country have sought billions of American dollars in the courts.  We believe that the Puyallup case prompted the Coeur d’Alene Indian tribe to make a federal claim in court that they owned Lake Coeur d’Alene, in North daho.  Now the Coeur d’Alene Indians don’t care one wit about owning the lake.  What they are after is federal dollars.  As far as we know, that case has yet to be decided and will probably run through the courts for years.  The Indians are patient.  They can wait for the millions they will receive of our money, by legal blackmail.  The Boldt and Puyallup decisions have emboldened the Indian tribes and they are after more and more.  They have found a welcome ally in our Federal courts. Continue reading


“How Russia Won The Cold War, Pt. I: Russians Liberated Americans Oppressed”

They do not allow left wing journalists to distort the news and hide issues in favor of the left wing “cause” the way western left wing journalists consistently do.”

This is from Helsinki by Jim Peterson of Veterans Abroad:

On a recent trip back to the United States from Eastern Europe, I noticed that some of my conservative American friends were echoing the western left wing media’s attitude abouit Vladimir Putin.


My first thought was “how can a conservative believe anything they read in an American or British newspaper these days? Continue reading

Romney is no Reagan When it Comes to Abortion

lovestory.jpgFirst we had Giuliani and his Washington state supporters aping Reagan with this line — “My 80% friend is not my 20% enemy” — a line falsely attributed to Reagan Now we have Romney claiming that his change of heart on abortion is similar to Reagan’s. Romney says his position is, “exactly what Ronald Reagan did. As governor, he was adamantly pro-choice. He became pro-life as he experienced life.”  Washington state republicans took up the same line in favor of Romney at the Evergreen Leadership Conference earlier this year and continue to try and sell it to us to this day as Garry Pagon says in this post — “Ronald Reagan signed the most liberal abortion law in the nation when he was governor of California, and only later changed his mind to become a champion for the right to life as President. If we cannot rally and welcome new converts to the cause, we will never have the political strength we need to change the law.” 

Like the Giuliani 80/20 line, this revisionist history defies reality and takes advantage of the electorate’s short memory or ignorance of the public abortion debate pre Roe v. Wade.  Continue reading

Guiliani vs The United States

deeply-hurt.jpgApparently stung by Fred Thompson’s blog commentary, Tuesday, the Giuliani Presidential Campaign reacted quickly and decisively – with all the satirical fury of a transvestite scorned.  When you realize how serious the problem is, you’ll know why they got their back up. Continue reading

The Battle is Joined

precious-feet-2.jpgWashington pro-lifers gear up for 40 Days for Life.

This campaign is recruiting anyone and everyone who is willing and able to pray and fast in an effort to end abortion. You can pray at home or in front of one of our state’s illustrious abortion mills. The campaign plans to have 24 hour presence for 40 days in front of several abortion mills around the state starting September 26th.


Planned Parenthood is seeking “deathscorts.”

Another reason Giuliani can’t win the Presidency

laughing-bw.jpg“…the same activist federal judge from Brooklyn who provided Mayor Giuliani’s administration with the legal ruling it sought to sue gun makers, has done it again. Last week, he created a bizarre justification to allow New York City to sue out-of-state gun stores…”

From Fred Thompson … Continue Reading…

Pro-Abortion Republican Endorses Romney

403_dunn.jpgThis news is actually a little bit late (from June 26), but thanks to the reminder from Toby Nixon, Life of the Party brings it to the pro-life movement. 

Former Washington State Congresswoman, Jennifer Dunn has endorsed Mitt Romney for President and is helping to organize the “National Women for Mitt” effort.  Ms. Dunn will also serve as Team Romney’s State Honorary Finance Chair. 

Governor Romney has certainly picked a “well connected” woman and fierce fundraiser for the job.  Just what are her connections?  She serves on the Honorary Advisory Board of The WISH List, whose mission is “to train and elect pro-choice Republican women at all levels of government—-local, state and national.”  But they don’t leave out the men.  They have a men of merit endorsement list as well. 

During this primary season with all the pandering from the “top tier” candidates, you can hear crickets chirping when you visit most of the pages of any of these pro-abortion Republican websites.  Especially on the “issues” pages and the “candidate endorsement” pages.  Even they know, that their preferred candidate must pander to us.  But this should give pause to any pro-lifers considering Romney’s conversion to be genuine.  Even the most sincere pro-life candidates have been lured into compromising their positions and helping the other team when they accept the support of Jennifer Dunn.