Only Anger Can Break the Spell

kirkangry.jpgHow much injustice, conflict, negligence, humiliation and betrayal, perpetrated by your government, will it take for you to get angry? “ 

From Ron Ewart:

In a recently aired episode of the original Star Trek series, Captain Kirk and crew visited a planet where no life should exist but the original colonists were surviving quite well there, with one exception.  There were no animals, only people and plant life. 

The inhabitants of the planet were being seduced by a plant that sprayed spores out every now and then, rendering the people in a state of blissful ignorance, a virtual paradise.  As the crew was overcome, one by one, when a few of the plants made their way back to the Enterprise, Captain Kirk was the last to be taken in by the spores.  In his effort to resist the spell of the spores, Kirk got ANGRY over its affect on him and as his anger rose, the spell evaporated. Continue reading


Pharmacists Fight For Their Rights

From Life of the Party gregoire-feminazi.jpg

Earlier this year, the Pharmacy Board of Washington State ruled that pharmacists must dispense all legal drugs upon receipt of the patient’s prescription or if dispensing the particular drug violated their conscience, have a co-worker do so.  This did not accommodate pharmacy owners who choose to exercises their right of conscience and run their business accordingly, without drugs that violate it.  This decision came after hearing strong opposition from concerned grassroots citizens. 

So now, pharmacists are suing the State of Washington.  This puts our State Attorney General, Rob McKenna (R) in a very interesting position.  Will he defend the state’s draconian policy?  We’ll keep you posted…

Thompson, Tancredo, Magic, Miracles and Sleeping Giants. This is Part II.

GreatNostrilsofAmericanHistory.jpgIn her recent “Time for a Miracle” Michelle McIntyre poses a strangely worded synopsis of my view of the ’08 GOP nomination battle: “But Doug remains unchanged on his hopes for Fred Thompson.”

I understand that strangeness; it is both accurate and confusing; it is caused by the circumstances. I am a Tancredo guy writing about the Fred Thompson phenomenon.

I’ve tried to keep my head down, writing about the candidates and not writing about who I’m “rooting for” but, obviously, the one implies the other.  

Let me try to sort this out.  Continue reading

Time For A Miracle

phyllisschlafly.jpgYou loyal readers out there might remember when I first endorsed Tom Tancredo, long before he announced he was running for President.  I publicly called on Phyllis Schlafly to join me and impact the 2008 presidential primary the way she did in 1964, and adopt the slogan, “A Choice Not an Echo, Tom Tancredo for President”.

I’ve never heard whether or not she received the message.  But now, news has it, not that she has endorsed Tancredo (or any other candidate yet), but has recorded a “push call” to Iowa voters for the Tancredo campaign, coming to his defense against the Brownback attacks

Check it out!

Meanwhile, we here at The Reagan Wing, have been having an internal debate.  In the early days of my support for Tancredo, Reagan Wing president, Doug Parris Continue reading

Tancredo Demands Apology from Brownback for his “Despicable and Deceitful Campaign Tactics”

Cross posted at Life of the Party 

It’s heating up in Iowa.  Here is a press release from the Tancredo for President campaign:

Des Moines, IA) – Presidential candidate Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) today demanded an apology from Senator Sam Brownback for the “despicable and deceitful campaign tactics” he is using to deliberately mislead the voters of Iowa Continue reading