Cold War II, Major Battle Five: Conservatives Stop Senate’s Criminal Alien Bullets


Two failed cloture motions in the Senate yesterday (roughly 8 hours apart) stopped the drive-by passage of “Z-Visa” amnesty for millions of foreign habitual criminals, all of them living in America by identification theft or forgery, tax violations or welfare.  

The bill is 627 pages long and hidden within its pages are the terms of FULL amnesty, within 24 hours, to any illegal within our borders, WITHOUT THE PAYMENT OF A FINE OR ANY OTHER PENALTY.  

Needing 60 affirmative votes to bring the bill to the Senate floor for passage, the comprehensive amnesty supporters couldn’t even get a simple majority and lost badly 33 to 63 in the morning and 45 to 50 in the evening. This was all political chaos in a Senate with a clear, Democrat-led majority for amnesty. Republicans will blame Democrats. Democrats will blame Republicans. Everyone can rightly blame George Bush.  

What, one might ask, happened? We’ll tell you.  

The “penalties” that supporters of the bill tout are actually just optional fees and only in effect if an applicant wishes to pursue citizenship. But the bill, itself, is the greatest devaluation of U.S. Citizenship in the history of our nation. In Washington State illegals get drivers’ licenses and are then asked to register to vote, without proof of citizenship. When they come to the voting booth, their citizenship cannot be questioned and instructions are frequently printed in their home language to make it easier for non-citizens. (Actual naturalized citizens are proficient in English.)  

Who needs Citizenship? What purpose would it serve?  

The problem is simply that we have a Chief Executive who refuses to enforce existing law. The Senate Bill would have made the situation much, much worse, not only encouraging more massive violations while ignoring enforcement, but also beginning a new long trail of chain migration!  

America dodged the Senate’s assassination bullets and the same Conservative Coalition that made Sam Alito a Supreme Court Justice deserves the credit.

Michelle Malkin, Eagle Forum, National Review, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham and the other leading conservative bloggers of the New Media exerted overwhelming intellectual force in exposing the traitorous nature of the bill, and inciting the firestorm of phone calls, emails and letters that eventually had even some of the bill’s original sponsors voting against cloture.  Senators who both supported the bill and had the temerity to go home after its introduction were literally booed off podiums in their home States.

But, wait. Please listen. We cannot roll over and go back to sleep.

This was a single battle and the War rages on. The bleeding of our Sovereignty remains and we are still on defense in the Real War.   

It is Cold War II.  

We defeated the Soviet Union and Communism in Cold War I because of the leadership of Ronald Reagan. Just as now, Cold War I was a war for our survival, though undeclared, against a devious and lawless enemy. We won by overcoming the pacifist deceptions of the Democrat and Republican left. Ronald Reagan identified the enemy for the American people and put us on offense again. 

We must do the same thing today.

We must recognize that we are facing a REAL invading army and a war for our survival, though undeclared, against a devious enemy, an invading culture of virulent lawlessness. It is that same culture that keeps Mexico from economic success and development. It is the root of their pervasive administrative corruption. It is only that culture, the criminal class, the people who disregard the rule of law, but expect to drain  government services, who are invading us. The law-abiding Mexican citizen stays at home or immigrates legally.  

The invading southern army is stealing America just as surely as Soviet expansionism was slowly stealing the World, largely unopposed, before 1980.  The only answer is the hardening of American political will to defend our nation. If we fail to defend our nation from its enemies within, the sacrifices of our servicemen abroad mean nothing.  

The Washington State Republican Party hierarchy has been deeply penetrated by committed supporters of mass surrender on immigration law.  Do you want your Republican Party voice in Washington DC to be pro-amnesty? Do you want your county Party’s voice on the State Committee to be pro-amnesty?  

Become part of the political defense of America. Please come to the 2007 Washington State Illegal Immigration Summit on Saturday, June 30 at the huge Elk’s Lodge in downtown Everett on 2731 Rucker. There you can join the Reagan Wing of the Republican Party and/or Minutemen American Defense and help turn it all around in 2008.

Currently just some of the Summit Speakers include National Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist, I966 filer Bob Baker, representatives of three STRONG anti-amnesty Presidential Candidates, Candidates for US Congress and State and County offices including Steve Cofchin, Doug Roulstone, Tom Greene, Bill Cooper and many more .  

Let’s pull together. Ticket applications available online through


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