Illegal Immigration Summit Schedule

angleticket.jpg The much-requested speakers/activity breakdown…

4-5:           Meet Your Candidate

            Candidate and issues tables, vendors, no-host bar, social and discussion time Continue reading


Senate Achieves Cloture On Amnesty Bill

darkwa.jpgA thick cloud spreads out over the nation’s capital, obscuring the monuments, there, to Lincoln, Washington, and the heroes who gave their lives, generation after generation, to protect the legacy of freedom and justice our political class now bargains away.

At 12:16 PM (Eastern), today, the U.S. Senate passed a cloture motion on S.1639, the comprehensive amnesty bill. Continue reading

Inclusion Run Amok: The Afro/Muslim/Episcopal Comedy

episcoparty.jpgIf you don’t have to stand in the line of fire, the absurd struggles of the “Episcopal Church” In Washington have a definite appeal to the funny bone in a series reported recently by the Seattle Times.

Forget all the controversy over the ordination of women, the adoption of homosexuality and the re-definition of Jesus. The latest episode in the long-running Norman Lear situation comedy, “EpiscoParty!” is the excitement of the hilarious apostate bishop of Olympia  the “Rt. Rev.” Vincent Warner (played last season by Tom Poston) over the possibilities of Muslim/Episcopal priests. “I’m excited,” says Warner in the season-opening ”Afro/Muslim/Episcopal” episode. 

The introduction of the Afro/Muslim/Episcopal theme in the series is accomplished with the new character “Rev. Ann Holmes” (Whoopi Goldberg) who, we think, is destined to take her place with Archie Bunker, Maude, and George Jefferson as an icon in the Norman Lear “People of the American Way” universe. Continue reading

I Shall Light the Fire of Freedom

the USS IowaArticle By Ron Ewart, President,

National Association of Rural Landowners

[Ron, who is one of Washington State’s most inspiring writers and speakers, will be a highlight of the Washington State Illegal Immigration Summit on June 30.]

I am sick to death with the power struggle between political parties, without the application of constitutional principle.  I am sick to death of law, after law, after law that restricts our freedom of choice, our freedom of movement, our freedom of what to buy, our freedom of what to wear, our freedom of where to live, our freedom of where to work, our freedom to live on and use our land without undue government interference and our freedom to roam freely throughout America without having to go through check points and body searches.  Continue reading

Mao in America

“Chairman Meow”Similarities between a failed Chinese system and the ideology driving Western thought

[The following article was sent by Donald Hank, a former language teacher, currently a technical translator and staff writer for Laigle’s Forum.]

There is no standard definition of Maoism, although a recurring theme for most definitions is the emphasis on an agrarian revolution as opposed to the Soviet-style urban revolution. Unfortunately, that doesn’t come close to describing what happened in the Cultural Revolution of China, Mao Zedong’s salient achievement, which gutted China both spiritually and materially, killing millions and leaving the economy in ruins. Continue reading