NARAL’s New Shade of Lipstick

This was originally posted back in February at Life of the Party and caught broad attention from the pro-life community.  Apparently one of the subjects missed it and so Jefferson Paine’s joke was lost on him.  Note: The pig is not Eric, but NARAL and the pro-abortion movement.  The lipstick on the other hand….

Have you noticed NARAL’s new shade of lipstick? They call it “Personal Responsibility” but we call it “Sounds Orange“. It’s the same old pig (abortion on demand) with a new shade of lipstick (euphemism) and they’ve chosen this one to appeal to conservative leaning, Constitution loving Americans.
NARAL and their friends at NOW and Planned Parenthood have always struggled with a PR problem. They have always known that the majority of Americans don’t like abortion, and in fact, find it unpleasant to think about, so they must find ways to mask it and dress it up.

The original name, National Abortion Rights Action League, was too grotesque for our sensibilities, so they survived long enough by simply referring to themselves by the acronym “NARAL”, while they avoided spelling out what it stood for. Somewhere along the line, the whole abortion movement visited the cosmetic counter and chose the brilliant hues of “choice” and “pro-choice”. Eventually “NARAL” became “NARAL Pro-Choice America“, complete with the image of the Statue of Liberty (how patriotic!) and to this day, these are still used. But just as a gal needs a few shades of lipstick depending on her mood and her outfit on a given day, NARAL and the entire abortion movement pig has decided to add another shade to her make-up bag in order to appeal to conservatives. The old shades never appealed to this crowd and they know they need to attempt to win atleast some of us over.

Mary E. discovered the new “Personal Responsibility” motto of NARAL and we knew we recognized it from somewhere in support of abortion “rights” and other sexual libertine policies. Why yes, you can find it all over the place at Sound Politics (the blog that got its notoriety and popularity with conservatives by challenging the 2004 election contest in favor of Republican gubernatorial candidate, Dino Rossi). Whenever the topic comes up about abortion there, and it often does in the comment boxes, they trot out phrases like “personal freedom and responsibility” and “limited government” to appeal to the sensibilities of conservatives and make committed pro-lifers out to be “extreme” or somehow advocates of “more intrusive government”. (They ignore the Declaration of Independence which spells out what government is to be limited to: Protecting the unalienable rights of citizens, foremost the Right to Life) Stefan Sharkansky, the founder of Sound Politics, has answered the question “what’s conservative about being pro-abortion rights and pro-homosexual marriage?” this way:

From my perspective, a conservative philosophy of limited government
also means limiting the government’s role in other people’s underpants.

Posted by: Stefan Sharkansky on June 15, 2005 07:51 PM

That is why we call it “Sounds Orange”.

The artwork was created for this story by Doug Parris, President of The Reagan Wing. See the new page on The Reagan Wing website in honor of “Sounds Orange” and the introduction given by the mother of “Midstream Republicans”, “Doris Grupa”.

Update I: Mary E. is wondering if the boys at “Sounds Organge”
are sad they weren’t invited to the “Chocolate to Kill For“, “Chocolate 2 Die 4” annual NARAL Washington event AKA “Chocolate for Choice“. I’m not sure they weren’t invited, but she’s probably right. They’ve gotta “keep it partisan.” Keep playing that good cop/bad cop game with us.

Also, worthy of note, NARAL, “Pro-choice Washington” seems to be going through an identity crisis. What is there name anyway? Nothing on the top banner of their website.

Update II: Mark Shea sums up the above post nicely, “Pro-aborts try to figure out how to help Republicans get in touch with their ‘Inner Giuliani”. (Welcome, Mark Shea’s readers!) The Reagan Wing warns Republicans of the danger of getting in touch with your “Inner Giuliani“!

Update III The Pig shows up at the Beltway Traffic Jam


4 thoughts on “NARAL’s New Shade of Lipstick

  1. You know, you’re right, Mary. I hadn’t thought about it that way.

    I’m definitely always going to make sure I wear underpants.

    I might even put underpants on certain valuable possessions.

    Come to think of it, this could revolutionize the property rights movement. And you thought crop circles were weird! Imagine Rural property owners warding off Critical Areas Gestapo with giant land-underpants… er… “landerpants”?

    On the other hand, what if the Environmentalist terrorists catch on? Would a pair of boxers protect a Douglas Fir from a logger? Can you picture a beech in briefs? I’d better stop myself before it goes too far. It’s not a pretty picture.

  2. The underpants rule didn’t seem to help Terri Schiavo.

    The property rights idea is great.

    The rule doesn’t apply to protecting trees from loggers, since loggers aren’t government. Stefan didn’t say anything about keeping them out of other people’s underpants.

    Private business is untouchable, don’t you know?

  3. Teri’s condition probably precluded the type of underpants Sharkansky would approve of, so the rule applies. People like her are out of the club.

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