Government Crime

sleepolice.jpgFrom Ron Ewart:

 Back on May 25, 2005, (2 years ago) Chuck Pillon and I filed a Citizen RICO racketeering complaint (documented evidence) with the FBI, Seattle Office, that we alleged against King County government.   After two written inquiries to the FBI in those two years, we have received not a single response from them.  Attached is our letter to the FBI of November 11, 2005 and our Continue reading


A Green Card in Every Pot ~ by Ann Coulter

coultersmile.jpg“…I wish our new immigrants had come to America back when the foundations of civic society and patriotism were still inculcated in all immigrants (and when half of them went home). But traitors who are citizens have destroyed all acculturating institutions. Traitors who are citizens have also destroyed all incentive for the poor to work or even keep their knees together before marriage…” To read the rest of the story, click here

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The Back-Breaking Cost of McAmnesty

The Net Cost of IllegalsON the 22nd The Heritage Foundation published an extraordinarily well-documented special report on the cost to America of illegal immigration. The McAmnesty bill now being forced through the Senate would exacerbate the problem by chain migration, that is, by creating a giant sucking sound that vacuums up friends and family of existing illegal households still in Mexico to deposit them in the US to receive government handouts far in excess of the taxes they pay –even assuming they would pay taxes (it is currently estimated that 45% of them do not). How many would come? Estimates vary, but 100 million within a decade is not impossible. Continue reading

Memorial Day Tribute

Always Remember“I Bow Down To No Man”

By Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowners 

On this Memorial Day that honors those that have fallen in battle to defend our freedom, their sacrifice has allowed all Americans to be free men and women. 

I am a free man in body and in spirit and I bow down to no one.  Nor will I bow down to this illegitimate government that tries to wrap us in chains against our will.  I shall resist with every fiber of my being, any attempts by government to break my free spirit and the spirit of that of other free Americans as well.   

I shall not bow down to the socialists who use the government to reward those that are undeserving, with the sweat of my brow, my blood and my tears.  Continue reading