Puget Sound Region Reagan Wing Meeting Thursday April 19

In her former life Shawna Forde was a Rock Music promoter in the heyday of the Seattle Sound Rock Movement. Remember Nirvanna? Pearl Jam? Soundgarden?


But Thursday’s Reagan Wing meeting has nothing to do with Rock Music and, in fact, you couldn’t guess any of our keynote speaker’s past by looking at her. As it happens, except for the exceptional working of her unique mind, you’d probably mistake her for an ordinary, garden-variety Republican.
This month’s Puget Sound Region Reagan Wing meeting will be this Thursday evening (4/19/07) at the Old Country Buffet in Shoreline – 6PM for dinner (about 10 bucks), and at 7PM talk begins. That’s 16549 Aurora Ave. N.

The most significant political issue for the next two years is the open invasion of our nation by foreign criminals. Reagan Wing leader Tracy Oetting frequently sends out email with the following quotation:

“A notorious Latino street gang, which refers to itself as MS-13, is being recruited by al Qaeda for help. This gang is based in Mexico and Los Angeles and is helping the terrorist group penetrate our borders. There are more than three thousand MS-13 gang members in Washington D.C. alone.” – Brigitte Gabriel, author Because They Hate

MS-13 members.
MS-13 members.

There is only one reason MS-13 thrives. Politically “correct” capitulation by our national leaders to what is, without question, a criminal foreign invasion of massive proportions.They have decided, entirely on their own, without any authority or popular support whatsoever, to change the effect of American immigration law by ignoring it.

That “policy” is precisely what opens our southern border to terrorist organizations (and then provides illegals with housing, medical care, food stamps, and education. In Washington State they get laptop computers, free, while non-bilingual Americans in the Yakima valley lose their jobs). The worst of the direct consequences of the “open borders and amnesty” mindset is the hole it pokes through homeland security.

It is Republican suicide.

Bush, Martinez, Simpson, Sotelo
Bush, Martinez, Simpson, Sotelo

Supporters of this illegal invasion now CONTROL:

1. The Republican White House
2. The leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC)
3. The leadership of the Washington State Republican Party, and
4. The leadership of the King County Republican Party.
WHY? Because the conservative opposition, that actually represents the majority position, has not organized and has not fought back.

We must organize. We must win or face the end of American freedom in our lifetime.

Thursday night come hear the most significant leader of the Anti-illegal immigration movement in Washington State:


This amazing woman, the head of MINUTEMAN AMERICAN DEFENSE, a major Rock Music promoter from the Seattle “remember Kurt Cobain?” Rock movement in her former life, is now building, and about to unveil, a dynamic mass movement that will replace the “Republican Amnesty” treachery with American Patriotism as the driving force of the 2008 Republican Party Presidential race in Washington State.

Believe me, you don’t want to miss it.

Updated  April 17, 2007   Written by Doug Parris

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