Who is “Mainstream”?

“…he describes a society conquered by the forces of “Newspeak” where, very often, official designations for things actually refer to the opposite of the word’s original meaning…”

same tune, new verse.
Jim Ellis (CFR), Sally Jewell (REI CEO), Slade Gorton (9-11Comm.), and Dan Evans (SOB): same tune, new verse.

Historical Precedent

In 1903, (Vladimir Illych Ulyanov ) Lenin, at the 2nd Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, put forward his extensively-developed concept of how the Party should be organized: He would only allow “professional revolutionary” members, actively working to overthrow the government. His opponents favored a more open membership policy, where anyone in agreement with the party’s (deplorable) goals could join, even if they believed in peaceful change. Lenin lost, by a vote of 28 to 23. Nevertheless, Lenin’s boys began calling themselves the “Bolsheviks.” They took the name Bolshevik (derived from the Russian word bol’she (больше) meaning “majority” or “mainstream”) despite actually being the numerically smaller faction. Lenin’s faction tagged the actual majority, who preferred the open (not to say less criminal and violent) model, the “Mensheviks,” implying “minority” or “fringe.”
There is an unmistakable propaganda advantage in the political realm to this naming scheme. Every time someone refers to your organization they have to use the name you’ve chosen. So when Democrats refer to the “Democratic” Party it doesn’t matter that they are absolutely against democratic institutions (like the people’s Constitutional right to referendum and initiative in Washington State, for instance); the word constantly implies the message they want sent.

In George Orwell’s masterpiece, the book 1984, he describes a society conquered by the forces of “Newspeak” where, very often, official designations for things (like the word “Democratic” to describe our nation’s neo-Marxists) actually refer to the opposite of the word’s original meaning.

Nowhere is this more true than in the naming of “Mainstream Republicans of Washington” or their national affiliate, “Republican Mainstreet Partnership.” Their names incorporated the words “mainstream” and “mainstreet” for the exact same reasons Lenin’s far-lefties chose the Russian version of the same word: “Bolshevik:” to claim a status within the Party that they’ve never had.

GOP “Bolsheviks”
“Mainstream Republicans of Washington” was started by the Dan Evans wing of the GOP, in the seventies, to thwart Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and Conservative Christians in general. In those days they were, and had long been, openly liberal. Today, after more than a quarter century of Reagan conservative ideological dominance of the Party, they are less openly liberal, but can be relied upon to take the wrong side of most issues and provide a sanctuary for candidates who disagree with significant pillars of the Republican Platform and create a campaign base for Party Leaders like Chris Vance who consistently work to sabotage Conservatism.
They are pro-abortion, gay rights, tax and spend, anti-property rights, pro-illegal immigration, environmentally ill, global corporate/socialist Republicans. (No individual member is required to agree with all their far-left principles, but each member generally disagrees with the Republican position on at least one or more major issues.) They consistently call themselves “fiscal conservatives” but they are just plain lying. They have no problem with higher taxes as long as the money is used to pay for higher spending. They consider doing both, in balance (“pay-as-you-go”) to be “fiscally responsible.” Their announced opposition to the gas tax repeal initiative (I-912), the property rights initiative (I-933) and former “Mainstream” State GOP Chair Chris Vance’s “loathing” for tax-cut hero, Tim Eyman, are recent examples.

Ideologically they are still on the far left fringe of the Republican Party. Ideologically, they are Democrats. But they hold enormous power within the Party by deceit. As I write, a strong Mainstream loyalist, Michael Young, is Chair of the King County Republican Party. Young was a featured speaker at Mainstream’s “Cascade Conference” in 2006. An example of the deceit is Young’s claim to be “strongly pro-life” even while he has fought (even to the point of parliamentary cheating) to remove effective pro-life language from the King County Republican Platform.

“The Future Of An Illusion”
Following Lenin’s victories, “Bolshevik” came to designate not only the miserable ideals they share with all socialists, that is, total government control of everything, but their (successful) methodology of force, deceit and unprecedented brutality. But the initial use of the Russian term was to claim a popular status that they never achieved and it’s closest modern equivalent is “Mainstream.” That spirit (of both deceit and socialism) is alive and well in Washington State, today, in the organization that bears the name.
Like most words that designate something evil, the word “Bolshevik,” itself, came to be regarded as evil. The Russians disavowed it in 1952. But shortly thereafter the word “Communist” acquired the same connotation. It is fascinating to watch the advocates of Government tyranny constantly abandon the recent designations that have caught up with who they really are and have to re-invent their own labels; Bolshevik, Communist, Liberal… now they want to be “progressives.” Today, words like “liberal” are viewed as improper “labels” in some quarters. They are routinely objected to by the liberals themselves and the suggestion is made that you can’t use the terms in polite society.

It is inevitable that the same fate awaits the term “Mainstream” It was always a lie. It is gradually becoming an epithet.

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Updated  April 12, 2007   Written by Doug Parris

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