Romney’s Fascist Health Care Proposal

Mitt Romney went to the party with a date but saw a girl who was prettier (who also came with someone else). So he turned on the charm (He must have been irresistible in High School) and both Mitt and his new squeeze dumped the ones they came with and left together. It was a metaphor for his future politics. It established the Romney pattern. On a TV screen Mitt Romney is the “hottie” advertised. The teen idol that has all the girls swooning: Betty, Anni (Coulter), Lauri (Ingraham), Veronica… he even caught the eye of local political-metrosexuals, Mikee Medved and Eric Earling. What a Dreamboat!


Mitt Romney is the Republican Bill Clinton.

He has the knack so highly sought by the pragmatists, the ability to make almost everyone think he agrees with them. It’s what Mike McGavick was trying to do. It’s the skill to which Chris Vance, our failed former State GOP Chair, aspired. But McGavick, dance as he might, was not dishonest enough (holding firmly, in the final analysis, to “Choice” on baby homicide and “Diversity” on gay rights) and Vance was too dishonest. Sometimes Chris would contradict himself almost in the same paragraph. And neither of them had Romney’s Hollywood face. Too bad Mitt isn’t a singer.. He could be filling concert halls with screaming teenie boppers instead of threatening the foundation of the Republic.
Because if Giuliani and McCain fall apart before an actual conservative emerges Romney could win the nomination. He is not a conservative but he plays one on TV. And for that reason, Romney, in contrast to Rudi and John, could also win the general election in November ’08.

And it is that same seductive charm that could prove as dangerous to the nation as it is to the Republican nomination process.

Mitt Romney is the man who convinced the most liberal State of the Union that he was their guy, a pro-abortion, big brother, gay rights liberal and now has already convinced at least fourteen people who care (and hundreds that could care less) that he is a Reagan conservative.

If elected he has promised a full scale attack on the Constitution that will eclipse McCain’s attack on the First Amendment with McCain/Feingold. It will rival the destructive power of Bush’s advocacy for the Mexican Invasion.

He is going to bring us Federally mandated UNIIVERSAL HEALTH CARE.
But it is not Communist, like Hillary’s, it is Fascist.
Fascist public policy is all the rage among the GOP left/elite “mainstream” pragmatists. They call it “Public/Private Partnerships” and talk as if it is some return of power from government back to the people. But it is quite the reverse, because the resultant privately-managed bureaucracy retains government power. It combines the strength of private enterprise authority structures (autonomous decision-making and accountability) with the innate strength of government (brute coercive force). It is quite effective and efficient. It is why Hitler marched so quickly across Europe. A little time-machine-tweaking of his decision making and we’d all be speaking German today.
The Environmentalist movement is Fascist in nature. Rural Landowners in King County did not lose “ownership” (or the obligation to pay property taxes) when the County Council confiscated 65% of their right to use their land, they just lost control.The saving grace of the Democratic Party’s Marxism (make no mistake – it’s all they have) is that it is so idiotically inefficient. They make such an obvious mess of things (look at public education) that every few years the electorate, having earlier replaced the Stupid Party with Democrats rolls over in bed and throws the little commies back out again. That cycle is important because it gives Republicans the chance to wake up and do what we did in 1854. Actually lead in the right direction.
Fascism is not the right direction.
Romney’s brainchild of Government Imposed Universal Health Care simply mandates that everyone buy health insurance. There! Problem solved! Government only buys it for you if you can’t afford it! It reminds one of Eleanor Roosevelt’s cure for poverty: Just give everybody money.
So overnight the whole nation is not the helpless victim of Government, but the helpless victim of a Public/Private Partnership between each State Insurance Commissioner and the Insurance Industry. They get to pick up the bill for untold new Insurance Company profits that have never been a part of the national health care tab, AND the bill for catastrophic coverage for the totally irresponsible; the Gay hooker heroin-addict as he slowly wastes away of AIDS in a hospital at public expense. It’s his right.It is inescapably true that the Romney plan will:
1. Dramatically and artificially increase the “demand” but not the supply of both insurance and medical care, thus dramatically and artificially increasing the cost.
2. Dramatically increase the need for new taxation to pay for insurance for the unemployed or “under-employed.”
3. Force healthy and young but uninsured people to carry insurance out of which they would ordinarily opt, thus inflating the overhead of the system for absolutely no benefit except the Insurance Industry and those who don’t pay for the services for which they are enslaving those same young people.
It is wrong fiscally and it is immoral.

It has the political advantage of a pyramid scheme, that is, a large portion of the electorate will not understand it until it has done its damage. It is a political card trick. It is classic Romney. He will profit now, the nation will pay later.

Because it uses more efficient private enterprise, it will take longer to do the damage, but it will do it, inevitably, sooner or later.



Medical care will be rationed, first in hidden ways through Government regulation, but as our free institutions break down, it will begin to kill people, plainly and in more obvious ways as is already the case in Canada.
You can’t repeal reality. Socialized Public Education is getting progressively worse as it gets progressively more expensive. The Social Security System is so bankrupt it is being used as an excuse to import millions of foreign criminals to do “work you don’t want to do” for under-the-table wages. The eventual collapse of all Statist systems is inevitable.

Why now destroy our medical institutions?

Just to elect Elvis as President?


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