Has America Lost Her Will to be free?

“… If you are not aware that your government is doing everything within its power to strip you of your freedom, your eyes are not open, or you choose not to see. If you do see and do nothing, some may call you a coward… Join with us in this fight for freedom, it being the noblest of all causes. …” Continue reading


Sometimes the truth hurts, but you look

Wilmington News Journal 4/27/07 Sometimes the truth hurts. Often, people want to hide it because it is graphic, and violent. Sometimes, they even call the police to take it out of sight.
When the Clinton County Sheriff’s office was called to Rombach Avenue Tuesday evening, here is what they might have found: several tiny, dead bodies.
Small ribcages smashed. Arms and legs dismembered. Little hearts, quiet and still and exposed in the evening light.
Hands, perfectly formed, still balled up in little fists as though they fought for life at the last moment. To read the rest of the story, click hereComment?

Meet Your Candidate for First Lady


Sixfirstladies_2 America’s first lady, who is traditionally the Hostess of the White House, is typically expected to be a model of decorum and grace.

(Pictured left, are former First Ladies Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, and Nancy Reagan, as well as the current First Lady at that time, Barbara Bush, attend the opening of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California in 1991.)

Of course, it is debatable whether or not they’ve all lived up to that expectation. But atleast, they’ve all managed to look the part.

(Picture right, are former First Ladies Nancy Reagan, Lady Bird Johnson, Hillary Rodham Clinton,320pxfirstladies_cropped_2 Rosalyn Carter, Betty Ford, and Barbara Bush sit together at the National Garden Gala, A Tribute to America’s First Ladies, May 11, 1994)

Wikipedia notes:

Because this position is traditionally filled by the wife of the president of the United States, the title is sometimes taken to apply only to the wife of a sitting president. However, several women other than wives of presidents have served as First Lady, as when the president was a bachelor or widower, or when the wife of the president was unable to fulfill the duties of the First Lady herself. In these cases, the position has been filled by a female relative or friend of the president.

Call it “prudish” or “old fashioned”, but safe to say, Americans still expect the same of a modern first lady.  It’s been many years since the wife of a U.S. president hasn’t filled the role herself, so naturally Americans carefully consider how the wife of a candidate for president would do in her role, not only as hostess of the white house, but increasingly as a role model for young women and strong advocate for some charitable work or social policy.

All of this being said, perhaps we ought to stop and take a look at not only who it is we might be supporting for our Republican nominee for president, but in so doing, also choosing our first lady.


Who’s everybody looking at?

Young/Sotelo Administration Facing Legal Charges

“The investigation found that the [King County Republican] party had missed the deadlines for more than 100 reports, which were filed anywhere from five to 306 days late…[covering] nearly $170,000 in contributions and… more than $180,000 in expenditures… The investigators also found that the county GOP had failed to provide the required occupation and employer information for 90 percent of the contributors…”

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The Right Stuff Coming From Colorado

070402_tancredo_vmed_4pss_h_2Along with Congressman Tom Tancredo, who is arguably the best conservative candidate for President on a wide range of issues, an impressive pro-life organization demonstrates that something is happening in Colorado.Colorado Right to Life, unlike other organizations that bear the “Right to Life” name are actually committed to the cause without compromise. Not only are they committed to defending the Right to Life in principle, they are taking action. Recently, the organization for a bill in the state house that would have made nearly all abortions illegal. Though it did not succeed this time around, they remain committed to an uncompromising position and do not appear to backing down from the position that all abortion is wrong.

Exhibit A~ a sample of their “Truth Truck” mobile pro-life billboards exposes the racistroots of Planned Parenthood:Co_pp_side_v3_3

Exhibit B~This press release that Continue reading