Rehab? Ann Coulter, CPAC and Pro-Abort Enablers

Ann Coulter and CPAC both need rehab, and not for Ann’s pejorative term for John Edwards, or for CPAC’s continuation to invite her as guest speaker. The proper response to her use of that term is debatable, and the fuss over it is a distraction from her real problems as well as the real problems at CPAC and the conservative movement as a whole: a serious case of co-dependency and enabling pro-abortion Republicans.

CPAC is considered to be the “pulse” or “thermometer” of the conservative movement. That’s why every Republican presidential candidate was there to address the crowd. There were signs all over that the crowd there seriously cared about such social issues as abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, the stampede towards enshrining “gay rights” in our culture and laws, and protecting our borders from illegal invasion as well as protecting our nation’s sovereignty. They weren’t just concerned about tax cuts, protecting the bottom line for large corporations, or spreading democracy abroad…at least, that’s how it appeared. Ann Coulter endorsed the flip-floppin’ Mitt Romney because he has the charm and the political skill to ” trick liberals into voting for him”, and CPAC went crazy over cross dressing, pro-abortion, gay rights activist, gun grabbing, Rudy Giuliani in the straw poll and picked Mitt Romney in their straw poll.

It was mentioned here before, that it seemed CPAC had a case of schizophrenia. While that may be the case too, it’s time to take the first step, and acknowledge conservatives have a problem of enabling pro-abortion candidates. It’s important for conservatives to re-examine their commitment to conservative principles, and stop falling for the baloney that we’ve got to choose a nominee who “can win”. What silly nonsense! We have the power to choose a candidate that is acceptable on the issues we care about, and go and convince others to do the same, based on their stance on the issues, not how great their hair is or their popularity or how smooth of a talker they are.

Stop falling for the nonsense. Ask yourself this question: Will the Republican nominee respect you in the morning? Don’t be fooled. It’s not too late to change.


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