More on Romney’s So-Called Pro-life Conversion

In my debate with Eric Earling that began here and here, but mostly took place at Sound Politics, about Mitt Romney’s lack of substance , he brought out that Romney has the endorsement of James Bopp Jr., General Council for the National Right to Life Committee. I responded that that endorsement was not such a good thing for pro-lifers who have watched some of the things he’s done. For instance he was intrumental in co-writing the “unity” plank of the 2004 platform with the Republicans for Choice and the Log Cabin Republicans, to give cover for pro-abortion and pro-gay-rights Republicans who ignore their party’s platform. Aside from that, the National Right to Life has been known to thwart pro-life campaigns in primary elections as well as ballot measures.

I’ll be writing more on that later, but now another conservative commentator is not too trusting of the James Bopp, Jr. endorsement of Mitt Romney.


2 thoughts on “More on Romney’s So-Called Pro-life Conversion

  1. Here is a very good plug-in to add to either Internet Explorer or Firefox.

    You can search the Washington State Public Disclosure Donations information by going to this web page and adding it to your list of search engines.

    Find out who this state’s “elite” are really donating money to.

    A great film about the Border War can be seen by going to the following link.

  2. Thanks for the links, Mary. Though it’s slightly off topic from this post, I highly reccomend watching it, to those who do not already know what’s going on with border security and the lack there of.

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