Questions to Ask Presidential Candidates

“Sweetheart of the Silent Majority”, Phyllis Schlafly has issued a call to conservatives to ask the serious questions to presidential candidates:

The 2008 presidential campaign has begun. Candidates are already
making appearances around the country, especially in early-primary and
early-caucus states. Voters should evaluate policies and promises in
order to determine who are the real conservatives. Here are questions
that grassroots citizens should require candidates to answer —
along with follow-up questions (marked below with •) so you can
pin them down and prevent them from responding with generalities and
hot air. This list of questions is a work-in-progress, and you are
invited to send additional questions to the Phyllis Schlafly Report so
we can provide updates.

Here are the questions. Mrs. Schlafly, a stalwart pro-lifer, knows a thing or two about what conservatism is as well as what it takes to win elections. Conservatives, heed the call.


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