Do you know when and where the Republican National Convention will be? “Republicans for Choice” Can tell you

The 2008 Republican National Convention will take
place at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul Minnesota from September
1 until September 4, 2008.

Delegates at this RNC Convention will choose and nominate the
Republican Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates for the 2008
Presidential election.

Did you get an announcement from the state party or your county party notifying you so you can make plans if you choose to run for delegate? Me neither. In fact, I hadn’t heard a peep about it, until I visited Republicans for Choice website, where I found the above announcement. But how many of your average Republicans visit the Republicans for Choice website?

Doing a google search for 2008 RNC convention, I found this announcement from September 27 (from 5 months ago) at the RNC website, that stated the site selection committee had voted to reccomend Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota for the location and it would be voted on at the winter meeting. The meeting took place a month ago. No new announcement has been made on the RNC website. But Republicans for Choice have the inside scoop, since their friend Jo Ann Davidson, chairs the site selection committee and also happens to be the “pro-choice” RNC Co-Chair.

So now you’re informed too.St_paul_pic1


4 thoughts on “Do you know when and where the Republican National Convention will be? “Republicans for Choice” Can tell you

  1. Thanks for the tip, Nemo. I’m hearing now that it’s big news for the folks in and around the Twin Cities, which was to be expected. But the news didn’t make it too far into the grassroots Republican circles in the rest of the country, unless we’re pro-abortion-choice.

  2. I think a lot more attention is being paid, right now, to who the nominees will be, than where they’ll be chosen. Once the field of nominees gets finalized, more attention will turn to the details of warm and sunny Saint Paul…

  3. While some states have primaries, ultimately the nominee is chosen AT the convention by the delegates who will attend, not before. A lot goes on before one gets elected to be a delegate. Whichever candidate has the most delegates at the convention will win the nomination.

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