Who Will Phyllis Schlafly Support for President?

From the Team Tancredo website (And that doesn’t necessarily answer the question. You’ve gotta love how it’s never all about himself!):

(Feb 22, CONCORD, NH)Conservative
author Phyllis Schlafly urged New Hampshire Republican activists to
test the conservative bona fides of the 2008 presidential candidates,
especially those of the three Republicans leading in polls.

“New Hampshire is the front line of the presidential race, and as I go about
and talk to the conservative movement, they’re in disarray,” said
Schlafly, who led opposition to the failed Equal Rights Amendment more
than 25 years ago. “They don’t know what to do, who to back. We’re told
by the media that we have a choice of one of three, (Sen. John) McCain
or (former New York mayor Rudy) Giuliani or (former Massachusetts
governor Mitt) Romney. Each one of them is capable of raising $100
million. I’m not happy of being told that at all. I don’t think that
any of the three are acceptable.”

She spoke yesterday at Newick’s Restaurant in Merrimack before about 50
people, including members of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers,
the National Right to Life Committee and staffers of Colorado Rep. Tom
Tancredo’s presidential campaign. She told them to ask hard questions
of each candidate so that Continue reading


South Dakota is Second Guessing Plan B

Though the previous South Dakota abortion ban passed both the state House and Senate, and was signed by Governor Rounds, their Plan B (that included exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother) was rejected Wednesday by a Senate legislative committee.

Some pro-life supporters of the previous ban that was put to the voters, rejected this one because of possible court challenges and that it was potentially unconstitutional. While the reports do not specify what their argument is for its “unconstitutionality”, the fact is, the exceptions make the proposed law inconsistent, and some of the safeguards in the measure are convoluted. The bill is not dead yet, one legislator is talking about a “smoke out” that would put it to the vote of the full senate anyway.

What is promising about this news is that South Dakota pro-lifers do not show any sign of giving up. One legislator declared that this issue is “not going away”. Perhaps they will follow the advice of Judie Brown and come back with the original version in two years.

Reagan Library to Host GOP Presidential Debate

Source: LA Times

From Times Staff and Wire Reports

February 15, 2007

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum announced Wednesday
that it would hold its first ever Republican presidential debate this
The debate is scheduled for May 3 and will be televised live on MSNBC and
webcast on a new site, politico.com, where questions can be submitted
to the candidates. Nancy Reagan has invited nearly a dozen possible

So it looks like the presidential election season is upon us, whether we’re ready or not.

More information about the debate can be found at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library’s website. LOTP has one concern about this announcement. According to the report, “Mrs. Reagan will invite the major GOP Presidential candidates to the Reagan Library for a presidential debate on May 3, 2007.” What is meant by “major” GOP Presidential candidates? What is “nearly a dozen” and does it include all of the candidates? Why not invite all of the GOP Presidential candidates?