How Serious is the GOP About Ending Abortion?

It depends on who you ask.  This column from a year ago by Eleanor Clift, Abortion Politics, if you can get through her revisionist history about the Alito confirmation hearings, will give you a good glimpse into what many Repubilcan politicians on the hill really think about ending abortion. 

Now that the GOP is within striking distance of overturning Roe,
they’re having second thoughts. The public is not ready to abandon the
landmark case legalizing abortion, and neither is the Republican Party.
They used abortion as a wedge issue because the politics worked; they
really didn’t think abortion would ever be banned. "Any activist will
tell you they’d rather have the issue out there than to have it
resolved," says this pro-choice Republican, who has worked on the Hill
and for various Republican interest groups. "If Roe were overturned,
we’d be electing Democrats as far as the eye can see."

I wouldn’t necessarily discount this due to her pro-abortion leanings.  After all, what interest would she have in soothing the fears her fellow pro-aborts have of GOP leadership?  This rhetoric coming from her un-named pro-abortion Republican politician is nearly identical to the stuff you can find at Republicans for Choice.  Perhaps the winter pruning that took place in November wasn’t so harsh after all.  There’s still more to do be done, to be sure. 


One thought on “How Serious is the GOP About Ending Abortion?

  1. Very good points. I’ve heard this from several friends on the Hill for years. It’s no wonder we live in such a cynical world these days, politics always wins out over personal moral conviction.

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