On Tancredo’s Chances for the Presidency


More support for Tancredo, now from World Net Daily columnist, Jane Chastain:

Tom Tancredo is
well-known and deeply appreciated by the party’s conservative base and
he’s got charisma that fills a room and literally oozes out the doors
and onto the street. It is the kind that comes from deeply rooted
convictions that rise up from the soul and excite those around him, not
the kind manufactured by Madison Avenue that, after the initial
excitement, leaves you with an empty feeling and a bad aftertaste.

On his accross the board, conservative and pro-life credentials:

He has received rating
of "A" or better on his voting record from the American Conservative
Union, the National Right to Life Committee, the National Rifle
Association, Family Research Council, Americans for Better Immigration
and the National Federation of Independent Business.

Jane gives us this reminder though:

His is a candidacy that
can ignite the grass roots. His fate, however, depends on our
willingness to put early money behind our rhetoric.

Have you contributed yet?  If not, go here.

Meanwhile,  V-Dare has this piece on the challenges Tancredo faces in building a conservative coalition paired with his ability to mobilize a movement on the issue of illegal immigration, including "Lou Dobbs Democrats".  The question is, will our pro-life movement broaden our perspective, take the right position on illegal immigration and join Tancredo’s movement?    


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