Minuteman Project Endorses Tom Tancredo for President

Today, Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project made the following statement:

The Minuteman Project will provide its full and unconditional
support to Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Co.) in his efforts to represent
America as the next President. Mr. Tancredo is the
political pioneer that inspired me to create The Minuteman Project.

The millions of supporters of all the minuteman/woman groups across
the nation stand ready to give their time and resources to a great
American who will humbly and sincerely strive to represent all
Americans and who will guide this nation back to governance by the
people and under the rule of law.

There is no better candidate for president of The United States of America than Colorado’s honorable Tom Tancredo.

Visit Team Tancredo for more information and to support Tom!

SOURCE: The Minuteman Project

And if you think that those opposed to the Minuteman Project, or those who are entering our country illegally are good Catholic Hispanics with family values, you need to see the hate mail that the Minuteman Project gets.  (Warning: Not suitable to read or view with your children sitting in the room.)


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