Pro-Life Conservative? Regret Being “Too Tough” on Pro-Abortion Republicans?

Some might regret having made the choice of holding the Republican Party accountable to their pro-life conservative principles, or even booting out pro-abortion Republicans.  Even though we gave them ample power for the last six years; the presidency, the house, the senate.  But they failed to live up to their responsibility to our nation, to protect the unalienable Right to Life.  And instead, treated pro-lifers and conservatives, who got them elected, like a "floozy on the morning after".  They rolled over and played dead while the pro-abortion forces had their way with us, while they "got drunk" with power.  But if you’re second guessing the collective discipline (aka; removing the bottle), by the pro-life and conservative voters, after all, "nobody’s perfect", and they MIGHT have cleaned up their act if we had given them "just one more chance", you should take heart in knowing that we have practiced "Detachment with Love" (a must read) and have refused to "enable" them any longer.   

We, the pro-life, conservative grassroots Republicans have not "taken up" with another party.  We have remained faithful, and will continue to remain faithful. And when the party gets clean, sober, and faithful and loses some of its bad influences, we’ll be waiting with open arms to welcome you home.


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