Direct assault on the Catholic Church

Sen. Andrew McDonald and Rep. Michael Lawlor at a rally celebrating a State Court ruling favoring gay marriage

Sen. Andrew McDonald and Rep. Michael Lawlor at a rally celebrating a State Court ruling favoring gay marriage

All across America, giddy with their new majorities and super majorities, Democrats and their liberal Republican Allies have set themseleves to the task of dismantling American Freedom.

Leaving no stone un-turned, we see, in the Conecticut Legislature, a bill introduced by co-chairs Andrew McDonald and Michael Lawlor to end the control by the Catholic Church of its own parishes in direct and obvious violation of the Constitution. Continue reading


From the most successful Washington State Conservative leaders in the last 50 years,

Eyman, Fagan, Fagan and Dunmire:

30 initiatives have qualified for the ballot since 1999, voters approved 19

1999’s I-695 put us on the political map.  When we turned in 514,141 voter signatures, the 2nd highest total in state history, Olympia was put on notice that the taxpayers wanted a seat at the table.  Continue reading

Will the Real Bigots and Hypocrites Please Stand Up?

From ‘Sillie Lizzie”:

Now here is an amazing thing. I was just reading that there are 13 million “disaffected” female Hillary voters out there, women who support Hillary just because she is female. Recall what these women said about men who only vote for men? Male Chauvinist Pigs!  

Let’s add that figure to the tens of millions, both black and white (Rev. Wright’s “black liberation theology” notwithstanding) who will vote for Obama just because he is black, including some black Republicans. Recall what blacks say about “white supremacists” who only vote for white people? Racist Bigots! Continue reading

Barbara Grieg, US State Department, facilitates International Child Abduction

From Teri Stoddard:

Karl Hindle has been working tirelessly for five years and spent more than four hundred thousand dollars investigating his daughter’s illegal abduction to the U.S. What he has uncovered is deplorable. The paper trail shows the United States government is in the business of illegal baby snatching and harboring criminals.

Emily would not have suffered the loss of her father for the last five years, or the vision in her right eye, if it weren’t for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA.) And people like Barbara Grieg of the U.S. State Department who see it as an excuse for misandry and a license for lawlessness. Continue reading

Ruth Gibbs on John McCain (in February)

Hello All,


    Please email this far and wide across the nation asap.


    For months on debates, Senator McCain has been saying he will secure the borders and has been deliberately refusing to call out his plan after that.


    Everyone says he has learned his lesson and has changed on amnesty.  NOT SO!  Continue reading

World Congress of Families Gravely Concerned About OAS ‘Sexual-Orientation/Gender Identity’ Resolution

Recent news highlights the inroads the Gay Rights Movement has made in the Republican Party.

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 19 /CNW/ — World Congress of Families Global Coordinator Larry Jacobs expressed “grave concern” over a recent resolution passed by the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) condemning perceived human rights violations based on so-called sexual orientation and gender identity. Continue reading